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“…the composer possesses a strong melodic gift. He is also fond of somewhat unusual instrumental combinations that further serve to give his music color and diversity…For all its Baroque-oriented instrumentation [Atlantic Legend], Alpher creates something new and decidely Romantic somewhat in the vein of Barber…The recordings are all very fine.”

“Alpher’s music is all his own, and it is remarkably good. One can view Alpher’s work…as lpheran extension of Bernstein’s melodic style; as such, it is remarkably rare…One cannot wait to offer a number of comments on David Alpher’s Kerouac. But perhaps the most impressive measure of the work was that Kerouac succeeded in holding its own, and sticking in the memory, up against a superb performance of that monument of stupefying perfection—Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A.
   —The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ

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