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“Throughout this disc, Bagratuni gives commanding and technically impeccable performances.”
   —The Strad

“I find it absolutely arresting and unforgettable. I can only compare its effect on me with what I felt in 1955 upon hearing Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations. The sheer clarity of the playing, and the utter commitment to every note—it’s a recording that, to me, finishes the job; nobody needs to work on this music any longer, we have it in its full and perfect form. Okay, okay—I can’t say that’s literally true, but it hints at how much I like Bagratuni.”
Five Stars (top rating)

“…solid tone…thoroughly reliable intonation…he is a singer…These cello recordings are warm and full…”

“A cellist of uncommon attainment. How satisfying to come across so fine a cellist…”
   —The Boston Globe

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