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“Beautiful programming here from Cohler and Vitkauskaite... it is lovely to hear how they make such sublime chamber music together... Cohler’s virtuosity [in Zarabandeo] is spectacular...Ginastera’s Danzas Argentinas (1937) in a terrific, high-voltage performance by Vitkauskaite; and how well the piano is caught in this recording. The rhythmic spirit of the dance, the virtuosity, the sweet lyricism: all are here in abundance, the central ‘Danza de la moza donosa’ an oasis of gently rocking songful peace, the final ‘Danza del gaucho matrero’ a veritable explosion of fierce energy, Vitkauskaite’s finely honed technique absolutely at the service of this glowing music. Superb booklet notes fill out an outstanding release...A brilliant disc, life-enhancing and full of joie de vivre, all cased in a fine recording.”
Five Stars
   Colin Clarke, Fanfare

“The artists’ superb liner notes—extensive, brimming with information, and conveying throughout Cohler and Vitkauskaite’s love for the repertoire—provide a wealth of detail on the composers and the featured works... superb musicians; technically brilliant, and always searching, imaginative, and compelling interpreters... The renditions of these challenging pieces are striking for their arresting synchronicity, especially impressive given the flexibility and improvisational character Vitkauskaite and Cohler bring to the performances. And I would be remiss if I did not mention the gorgeous, singing tone each member of the duo lavishes upon the music. Vitkauskaite takes a solo turn in the Ginastera, and does so in superb fashion. The recorded sound is excellent, offering a rich and lifelike concert ambience, one that highlights the virtuoso playing and gorgeous instrumental tone. A marvelous recital, one that is a complete joy from start to finish. Highest recommendation.
Five Stars: Clarinetist Jonathan Cohler and pianist Rasa Vitkauskaite’s joyous Latin Journey
   Ken Meltzer, Fanfare

“…the extremely musical playing of Jonathan Cohler and Rasa Vitkauskaite, makes for a very engrossing hour...excellent program notes (credited to both performers) would be hard to imagine [a recording of the Guastavino Sonata] more lovely...After performing together for many years Cohler and Vitkauskaite, have formed a deep personal relationship with much of the music on this disc. Invitación al Danzón offers a perfect example...Cohler and Vitkauskaite bring together all the musical qualities that make this release such an outstanding success: technical polish, warmth, supple lyricism, and vibrant rhythmic snap. Above all, one senses that they are performing these works because they love them. Very natural, well-balanced recorded sound rounds out the disc.
Five stars: A delightful collection of music for clarinet and piano by Latin composers”
   Henry Fogel, Fanfare

“There is a longstanding and deeply personal association between these performers and each piece on this album. Unsurprisingly, Cohler and Vitkauskaite play with utmost confidence and what sounds like a natural flair but is a sign of the depth of their knowledge of this repertoire...This is a thoroughly enjoyable recording.
Five stars: A delightful survey of engaging repertoire”
   Myron Sylberstein, Fanfare

“The collaboration is excellent...expressive and colorful with prodigious technique. [Their] risks pay off too; his soft playing is sometimes barely audible, bit it’s still there; and his blazing tempos in 16th-note passages sound clean and effortless...Vitkauskaite makes the most of [the piano parts] with subtle musicianship and exceptional skill…Cohler and Vitkauskaite’s commitment to each work makes this recording not only a great model for younger players, but an enjoyable disc to pop in at home.”
   —American Record Guide

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