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Jonathan Cohler: The Clarinet Alone
Jonathan Cohler, clarinet
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INDIE Award Nominee

“Clarinetist Jonathan Cohler displays his enormous virtuosity…”
Performance A+

“Cohler is an absolute master of the clarinet, technically and tonally. His phrasing and sense of pacing are ideal…a ‘must have’ CD.”
   —The Clarinet Magazine

Breathtaking Virtuosity!
Beautiful playing. Wonderful sound. One of the finest musicians around who enthralls you with his passion. A must for the clarinet enthusiast”
Five Stars (top rating)

“Jonathan Cohler’s reputation grows by the year, and some important critics compare his genuinely unique sound and performances to those of superstars like Dinu Lipatti, Youri Egorov, and the legendary British clarinetist, Reginald Kell. (Personally, I prefer Cohler’s warm sound to Kell’s). Cohler’s tone is in fact the single most gorgeous clarinet sound I know of, and I have come to prefer it to my erstwhile favorite, Richard Stoltzman…Cohler possesses such musical integrity and taste that everything he touches seems like the last word…Run, don’t walk!”
    —Listener Magazine

“Cohler is an amazing musician—I suppose there is nothing he cannot play”
   —American Record Guide

“Paganini’s Moto Perpetuo is a virtuoso spectacular, giving not an inch to the violin original. I literally would not have believed it was possible to play a clarinet this rapidly with such beauty of tone…this disc is a must for clarinet lovers.”

“Thanks so much for your brilliant performance of my 5 Pieces. Your sound is lovely, your technique impeccable, and your interpretation masterful!”
   —William O. Smith

“Absolutely dynamite playing!”
   —Donald Martino

“You really are one of the most prominent clarinet soloists I have ever heard in my long life!…phenomenal recording…you really are a young master.”
   —Erland von Koch

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